Valentine’s what?

Neil and Will were heading to the kitchen in C5’s Hideout for a snack. Their plan was to convince one of the Food Area members to let them eat something of meal hours, but instead of that, they found Tori working there on something.

“Dammit! It’s only you” said Neil with frustration.

“Sorry for being at my Area, working on what I choose, Trint” responded the blonde. Tori was working on some of the counter tables the kitchen had. Several things were spread across the tables and she had tons of chocolate bars opened too.

“What are you doing anyway?” asked Neil getting close to the girl.

“What are you doing with all those chocolates?” Will caught up with them up while eating bread that was left from lunch.

“I’m making my own chocolates. I found this flavors I can add, so I’m trying to do them so you can try them, guys”

“Why would I ever want to eat chocolates made by you?” Neil was grabbing a piece of bread too even thou he wanting something sweet to eat and those chocolates looked really good.

“I don’t care if you eat them or not I just want to offer them to my parents and friends” Tori was putting the last chocolate tray in the fridge, while the other too were peeking into it to see all the food C5 had.

“So, why were you making them, besides giving them to us?” Will asked after seeing that he wont be able to grab any food besides bread.

“Because is Valentine’s Day”

“Valentine’s what?” asked Neil while liking one of the spoons Tori had used.

“It’s an ancient tradition in which you give chocolate to the ones you love” Tori cleaned the counter, took some frozen chocolates from the fridge and was ready to leave the kitchen.

“Why?” asked Neil “and how did you know about this and I don’t?”

“How do I know? I read books too, ok?” answered the girl while waiting for them. “So, who wants to help me with the chocolates? We will show our Clique we love them so much we are giving them free chocolates”

“Ahhh! nothing better to show love than by free food” said Will “count me in.”

“Ok” Neil rolled his eyes and accepted “I want to show all the Clique I love them…”

“I’m not sure that was a genuine answer or just one of your sarcastic ones” Tori headed to the door and Will opened it for her.

“That’s his genuine voice, he isn’t lying. He loves us” said Will with a smile


“Shut up, you both! Now, give me something to carry so I can give chocolate to my peasants” Tori and Will laughed and the three friends left the kitchen.


Happy Valentine’s day, guys!!! Hope you like this little oneshoot story.



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